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Demolition Pit was formed in 1994 by original members "Raunchy" Rob Nieto and brother Raul "Beast of Bass" Nieto with former members Wess Lemmon and Lance Mason. They first lost their drummer Lance when they attempted to record for the first time. Not able to hold his own he was let go for a more reliable drummer, Will Shelly, who was with the band for two years.

They recorded their first full album in 1996 called "13 Lessons In Aggression" which was well received by fans and the industry abroad. Demo Pit had much success early on, opening up for such bands as Metallica, Motorhead, Testament and Sacred Reich. They also received a lot of air time on Los Angeles radio stations KNAC and KLOS. They were twice in the top 25 most requested songs in 1995 and 1996 on Long Paulís "Pure Rock Sunday Nights" on KLOS. The songs "Wrong Doings" and "This is It" were played for a year and a half and yet still no record deal.

Losing faith in the music, Wess quit the band without notice right before a big show. Given the choice to stay and continue in Demo Pit Will Shelly left the band to join another band which had made him an offer two weeks earlier. Rob and Raul had to make some major decisions. Would they continue the dream or let it fall dead? They both new in their hearts what had to be done, so the search was on for new members.

It did not take long to find a new drummer. Good friend and loyal fan Steve "The Fury" Hart received a call from Raul. One week later he tried out and totally bombarded all the Demo Pit songs with awesome power.

"I was at a Demo Pit show in Hollywood watching the show wishing I was on stage with them...two weeks later I get a call from Raul, the rest is history."- Steve Hart

It was not as easy to find a guitarist. After posting ads in local magazines they tried out several guitarists. Frustrated but not beaten the search continued. Then one day they got a call from Donny "The Alien" Jones. He tried out with an impressive array of cosmic sounds and a crunch all his own. They found what they were looking for - originality and a great attitude. Donny having toured with Ice T's Body Count in a former band named Bozaque had the experience and the drive they needed.

Demolition Pit is stronger than ever and still pushing for a major record deal. Now with new songs such as "M.D.P.(Major Death Patrol) " , "Torture Chamber", "Sherman Tank", and "Vicious Circle", they are well on their way to a new album to be released in the near future. Keep an eye and ear out for Demolition Pit as they keep up the fight to become heavy metals kings of the pit. Time will surely prove that they are indeed a band to be reckoned with.

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